Grand Chapter of NH ~ Order of Eastern Star
Grand Chapter of NH ~ Order of Eastern Star
Grand Chapter of NH ~ Order of Eastern Star
Grand Chapter of NH ~ Order of Eastern Star
Grand Chapter of NH ~ Order of Eastern Star
Grand Chapter of NH ~ Order of Eastern Star
Grand Chapter of NH ~ Order of Eastern Star
Grand Chapter of NH ~ Order of Eastern Star
Grand Chapter of NH ~ Order of Eastern Star
Grand Chapter of NH ~ Order of Eastern Star
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From the desks of the Worthy Grand Matron & Patron and Grand Marshal ~ June 30, 2020

Success is a Journey
"Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome." ~ Arthur Ashe

I have had many months to reflect upon my journey through the chairs in the Grand line culminating as Worthy Grand Matron. Through my almost 45 years of membership, I never would have dreamed of achieving this office. I have always been just a worker, not one to seek out the lime-light, quietly helping where I felt I was needed most, and definitely not one to stand in front of people, give a speech, and lead an organization.
As I started this journey my goal was always to do what is right and just for the membership, and to get to meet as many members as possible as I traveled from Chapter to Chapter, Jurisdiction to Jurisdiction. It has been a great pleasure meeting and greeting so many members and I will cherish the many friendships that I have developed along the way.
As with any journey there have certainly been a few bumps, including one huge speed bump named COVID-19. I always look at things in life as happening for a reason (To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven-Ecclesiastes 3:1), and somehow, this speed bump which brought not only our Star, but the entire world, to a crashing halt has made us more reflective, and caused us to re-evaluate priorities in a way we would have never done so without the pandemic.
If you ever come to my Pilgrim Chapter meetings, you notice that I would often end my Secretary minutes by stating "all went upstairs for a time of cheerful companionship and social enjoyment after the meeting." I firmly believe this part of our meetings is an essential part of our wellbeing for it addresses all the senses-seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, and smelling-a pure sensory overload perhaps for some but an emotional necessity for all as it completes that interconnectivity with each other and learning processes needed emotionally on so many levels. We, as humans, require our five senses for our healthy mental status. We will never take for granted those family gatherings which once were just one of those things you had to attend before COVID. How many family gatherings, graduations, and reunions have been missed over the past year, and worse yet if a family member passed away we will not able to have that chance again to hug them, talk with them, laugh and cry with them one last time, or console with family and friends at funeral services. Without these connections during our social isolation more children and adults have been diagnosed with severe anxiety and depression, and suicides are on the rise. This is one reason I have been encouraging just getting to meetings and being social, checking in on each other as much as possible. I am so proud of our membership and how they are pulling together, supporting each other and their communities over this past 15 months, and I cannot thank you all enough for the fantastic work you are doing to get reconnected with each other after the pandemic.
I really think God was giving us a 'reset button' with a pandemic. We were getting a bit complacent, going on day by day, taking for granted that we would see each other at the next meeting or event. But all that has changed now. I, for one, am cherishing our times we are together, taking time to enjoy the laughter and fun. Remembering to hug and say "I love you" more often. And above all remembering those moments of kindness by reaching out to members, neighbors, and friends in need.
Sisters and Brothers, it sure has been one long trip and I am so happy I was able to play, dream, build, and imagine with you all. I remain.... your good and faithful servant.

Joan L Smith, Worthy Grand Matron


Sisters and Brothers,
First, I would like to thank all the Sisters and Brothers of NH Eastern Star for putting the faith and trust in me by supporting me as your Worthy Grand Patron for the last two years. As this global pandemic winds down, we have certainly adapted to this historic change. I couldn't be any happier with our amazing Grand Family. You all are very special in my heart and I am honored to have served with all of you. As you all have known throughout my term, a focus of mine has been membership. We all know we need to increase our membership, but more important, is to keep the members we have and get them more active in the chapters and the communities. Our membership committee under the direction of our Grand Mother Hen, Sister Sharon Bush, has done an outstanding job trying to keep the membership engaged and I thank her and all the mother hens for your constant support of this amazing program.
I am excited to have been a part of supporting our charities this term and finally present the money we have collected to these outstanding organizations, Blessings in a Backpack, Shriners Hospital and Service Dogs. I have tried over my term to be as engaged as possible, the challenges we have faced were totally unexpected and this term will go down in history. We could not have been successful without you.
Words alone cannot explain the happiness and joy I have felt over the last four years. We are a fantastic organization. As we approach Grand Chapter, please come out and enjoy a wonderful ending to an amazing term and welcome our new leadership that will carry us into the long future of Eastern Star.

In Star Love,
David R Walters, Worthy Grand Patron


Happy Summer Sisters and Brothers!
Well, for those that remember the old saying, it is the "same Bat time and the same Bat channel." I am once again writing to you but hopefully to fill you in on the all final events of the term. (Saying year just seems wrong at this point.)
This 'term' was definitely one for the record books. We had the longest running season of anyone that I know of. Our final episode will be Grand Chapter in August, but there will be a few final shows before that you will not want to miss.

July 10: Mini Golf at Chucksters in Hookstett
July 17-18: NASCAR Races in Loudon
August 6-8: Ball for the Ages in Gorham
August 15: Lobstah Shootout in Nashua

Grand Chapter being held on August 20-21 will be the final appearance of the Dream Builder Grand Officers. There will also be guest appearances of Past Grand Matrons and Patrons, GGCCMs, and Grand Representatives. But the most important appearances will be the friends and members that we will be able to finally reconnect with after the long absence from one another.
Of course, after Grand Chapter you will always see special appearances by the Past Grand Matron, Past Grand Patron and Past Grand Officers at their respective Chapters during future Official Visitations and PAGO events.
I have mentioned in previous articles that I have missed the smiles, companionship, laughter, hugs and overall energy when we are together. I am truly looking forward to the upcoming events and to Grand Chapter to see smiling faces and to most importantly give and receive those all important hugs!
And remember, "No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." - Aesop

Ponder your Possibilities!
In Star Love and Service,
Pamela Traurig, Grand Marshal


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