Grand Chapter of NH ~ Order of Eastern Star
Grand Chapter of NH ~ Order of Eastern Star
Grand Chapter of NH ~ Order of Eastern Star
Grand Chapter of NH ~ Order of Eastern Star
Grand Chapter of NH ~ Order of Eastern Star
Grand Chapter of NH ~ Order of Eastern Star
Grand Chapter of NH ~ Order of Eastern Star
Grand Chapter of NH ~ Order of Eastern Star
Grand Chapter of NH ~ Order of Eastern Star
Grand Chapter of NH ~ Order of Eastern Star
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From the desks of the Worthy Grand Matron & Patron and Grand Marshal ~ January 2020

Sisters and Brothers,
Time sure does fly while you are having fun! It has been a very busy 3+ months since Grand Chapter and I have been fortunate to be able to travel to visit many of our Chapters and greet our members. And as I do so I am always reminded what a fantastic and loving family we have here in New Hampshire!
Sitting here watching the snow fly, I am reminded that a few short months ago we all were enjoying our first outing at the Unity Party at Wellington Park in Bristol in September, enjoying a cookout and the warm sun and lake waters in shorts and swimsuits for some, with about 200 of our Fraternal Family Friends. It was an awesome time of cheerful companionship and social enjoyment for all. Hooray for Brothers David S. Collins, Deputy Grand Master, for the super organizing and Larry D. Gullett, PGP, for grilling the best hot dogs for me! Thank you to all that assisted in the work entailed. Next up was our terrific LaBelle Winery fund raiser event which provided for great food, drink, entertainment, and fabulous raffle baskets and gift card to win. Sister Sandra M. Libby and her committee did a phenomenal job with the entire event and made for an enjoyable day with family and friends. We raise a large amount of money for our Charities in a short and fun day, and I saw members there I haven't seen in ages, which to me was an additional blessing!
Throughout September and October it was wonderful to witness such beautiful work done at Installations throughout our state, and see our Sisters and Brothers installed into various offices. Thank you to those members who took on the duty of helping to lead and do the work in each Chapter. Your service is greatly appreciated. Some of us were able to travel to Quebec and Rhode Island Grand Chapters to enjoy fellowship with our Sisters and Brothers across borders. I know our presence there is always appreciated.
November saw us traveling to International Weekend in, Groton, CT, where we not only spent some enjoyable 'down time' with our friends from other jurisdictions, but also had a fantastic Membership Seminar to attend which gave us all inspiring ideas to bring back to our own Chapters. A huge Thank You to Sister Sharon G. Bush, PGM, GGCCM on Membership, and her committee on having the vision for this project and for bringing it so well from start to finish! A week later we were back on the road again, to Wakefield, MA, for the Four-State Exchange. Our Sisters Shelley M. Gullett, PGM, Grand Secretary, Kristen E. Fuller, Grand Trustee, Alison G. Kinsman, Grand Adah, and Lisa F. Britko, Grand Martha, all did a terrific job representing the New Hampshire jurisdiction. We finished off the month with our first Visitation/School of Instruction in Tilton which was well attended, and the Annual FezTival of Trees celebration in Concord. It was lots of fun decorating our Eastern Star tree, and even more fun seeing the smiling faces on the children coming in to view the spectacular trees that week.

With all these OES activities I am proud that a lot of our members were able to participate in the various Youth Group activities this Fall. Rainbow Girls and DeMolay very much appreciated your presence at their Grand Officers Day Celebration, Grand Cross of Color, Annual Conclave, and Chevalier Degree. Please try to attend their upcoming Installations and Initiations when they are announced as they really need your support and guidance.

Sadly, in September we lost one of our beloved Temples to a fire. To see the images of Northwood's Masonic Temple in flames brought deep sorrow to each heart in New Hampshire as I think just about all of us in some way have been there and enjoyed its beautiful living history. But through it all I was reminded that the heart and soul of the Chapter is not housed in the building but in the members. Crescent No. 45 is doing an extraordinary job of working together through this most difficult time and I am so proud of them as a Chapter, and our entire OES membership for all the love and support rendered. Sister Karen and Brother Dennis Tuttle as Worthy Matron and Patron are working to organize a rebuild, but at present the Chapter will be meeting at a stationary different location, hopefully to be determined soon. Sister Karen is keeping a running list of those items that will be donated to the Chapter once it relocates and has storage. If you have donations of paraphernalia or even Crescent No. 45 memorabilia, please contact either of them.
Coming up in the next few months we have many events of importance. I hope to see many members at the Youth Adult Leadership Conference in Portsmouth on January 25. Sister Maria R. Becker, PM and her fabulous Youth Committee have been working very hard to make this a terrific program not only for our youth, but for our adults as well. It is an event you do not want to miss because it will help you with your Chapters, just like the Membership forum did at International Weekend.
We have another School of Instruction to start off the year on a healthy note for all our Chapters on January 4 in Penacook, the CAN-AM Exchange in Rockport, ME on February 28-March 1, where we get to see our Associate Grand Conductress, Grand Ruth and Grand Warder at work, the Murder Mystery Dinner in Nashua on March 14, where we will all talk like pirates, a very FUN VT/NH Table Exchange on March 28 in Littleton where we will have fun frolicking with our friends just to the west, the Great Gatsby Ball on April 1-3 in Nashua headed by Sister Lisa J. Proulx, PM, so you know it will be load of fun, and be sure to dust of your golf clubs and sneakers once the snow clears for the 5th Annual Charity Mini-Golf Tournament on April 25. Don't forget the Legislation Review on March 22 in Goffstown. This is the time where you can review the submitted written legislation and help 'fine tune' legislation that needs to be submitted by the deadline to the Grand Secretary by the first Monday in April. I always find this a most helpful afternoon, so I hope many will attend as it helps us prepare for Grand Chapter. And of course, interspersed between all this is our Chapter meetings and Visitations!

Sisters and Brothers, we are busy, but I am so proud of that! Because being busy and finding newer and innovative things to do helps us to give new members a reason to belong and be active in OES. Having a variety of activities to choose from helps to give your members a choice of things to do to keep them involved and active. Let's help everyone 'find their niche in OES' so they stay active and involved members!

With the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays behind us, I hope and pray for everyone to have a happy and prosperous New Year, and always, ALWAYS let us live by the Golden Rule.
Imagining the Possibilities Always...
Joan L Smith, Worthy Grand Matron


Sisters and Brothers,
WOW!! Three months are gone, and what a busy time it has been in New Hampshire Eastern Star. I hope you are having as much fun as I am. I am so blessed to be a part of this great organization. We closed out our Installations and are now moving into Visitation season. With one Visitation and School of Instruction completed, I am looking forward to all the remaining visits.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas. As the holiday season ends, please remember those that are less fortunate. A simple act of kindness would truly brighten anyone's day. In the past three months, I have enjoyed a lot of fraternal friendship and fun. International Weekend was very well put together and focused on membership. This is one of the most important things we can do is focus on our members. Let's give them a reason to be part of this great organization. The Exchange in Massachusetts was a great time as well as we saw an awesome degree performed by four jurisdictions. Can-Am this year will be a very fun as we get to meet with our counterparts from 10 jurisdictions. I look forward to seeing many faces in Rockport, Maine. It will be a great weekend for sure. We will be having a Youth/Adult Leadership Conference on January 25, sponsored by our own Youth Committee, and this should be an informative event. It will focus on working together and communicating with our entire fraternal family to make us a better group membership. Also, don't forget about our Murder Mystery Dinner, the Pirates of Tortuga Isle, which should be lots of fun. Space is limited so get your tickets early and invite a friend or two.
At our last Visitation I was pleased to hand out the first of my travel pins. It was a lot of fun to see Libby and her firetruck. Libby and I will be recognizing people by name this year. Seventy travel points will get you this pin. See Sister Libby for booklets or download one from the Eastern Star Website. It is a great joy to travel in Eastern Star. It truly is the friendliest group in masonry in my opinion. I look forward to seeing you all on the Eastern Star trail.

Thank you again for all your encouragement and support.

In Star Love,
David R Walters, Worthy Grand Patron


Happy New Year Sisters and Brothers!
The weather has already started to change and my husband and I have prepared for the snow by changing our John Deere over from summer mowing mode to winter snow blowing mode and already I have spent some time inside my beloved tractor moving snow and pondering.
I was moving the snow in the evening hours and pondering all the upcoming events that would be happening in the evening. There are many events during the day, but the evening can make even the most confident traveler cautious of the roads. I also know that Mother Nature sure loves to show her power by giving us the best and worst of weather in the best and worst of times. So, whether it is a day event or an evening event, I hope that everyone takes the time to plan ahead when going out and travel safely if you do plan to go out. Part of your plan should be to check the eGuidepost mailings and any Facebook pages of the events you are attending as well as your own emails and texts. Many Chapters are doing an excellent job communicating any changes in their meetings and events due to inclement weather or other emergency, so be sure to check before you leave so that everyone is informed and safe.

As usual, the place to find those upcoming events and additional information you may need is located on the website at, OES Guidepost emailings, email ( and telephone (603-325-5127).
Official Visitation invitations are starting to be sent out with the details of their OV. If this includes a dinner and they request an RSVP, please be kind enough to respond to them timely as they will need the head count to prepare a meal. It is difficult when people attend that have not given an RSVP and they are not prepared with enough food. So please be considerate to the Chapter who is taking the time and effort to prepare a meal for those who are traveling.
There are many fun events up and coming as well as Grand Chapters in other jurisdictions. Be sure to return your dinner and registration information and make reservations early. You won't want to miss out on any of the fun times that Eastern Star is known for.
Here are some of the upcoming Visitations and Group Meetings:
Jan 4 - Service Dogs Breakfast fund raiser before the School of Instruction, Penacook
Jan 4 - School of Instruction, Penacook
Jan 6 - Official Visitation, Derry
Jan 12 - Mad Hatter Group Meeting, Penacook
Jan 16 - Official Visitation, Rochester
Jan 18 - Official Visitation, Bristol
Jan 19 - Dream Builder Group Meeting, Holderness
Feb 3 - Official Visitation, Penacook
Mar 11 - Official Visitation, Milford
Mar 18 - Official Visitation, Hampton

Remember to seek me out in your travels to obtain your Dream Builder pin for $5, a 2019-2020 Information Booklet for $3 and printed copies of the 2019-20 School of Instruction Handbook for $2. I am excited for the New Year and truly look forward to seeing many of you during my travels.

I leave you with this thought to start your new year, "Whatever you do or dream you can do-begin it. Boldness has genius and power and magic in it. - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe"

Ponder those Possibilities!
In Star Love and Service,
Pamela Traurig, Grand Marshal



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